Thursday, July 31, 2008

ISP Blanket Licenses

It's been buzzing since SXSW this year. Nick at Penny Distribution has been in my ear with the idea for months. Major music execs are pushing ISPs to kill every person downloading music on P2P networks. Well not the execs themselves because they are not "technologists". Instead they hired a true visonary in the digital music world, Jim Griffin to do the dirty work. Everyone has their price.

Jim has been evangelizing a flat fee rate for music, $5-10. Add it to your cable/internet/phone/wireless bill in the form of a blanket license. Unlimited music downloads via P2P or similar. It's historically inevitable. Whenever technology has made it too difficult to police a class of copyright use, the problem is solved through blanket licenses. Sheet music and publishers, record labels and radio. A great idea in this case: gives consumers the choice and the industry a means to profit. Artists get paid through a collection society. The most downloaded artists get paid the most.

However, the industry has once again messed up a good thing. Instead of acknowledging that it is happening and creating a means of collection, the industry wants to chase down the smallest of the small "criminals" and wreak havoc on the world. The new plan allows for ISPs to monitor your traffic, site visits, lifestyle choices and everything else they do now. When bandwidth is deemed too high, they can assume it is due to illegal downloading and consequently limit your internet connection. Ridiculous. Just tickles my conspiracy bone...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

think more digital or sink with physical

If you didnt have a chance to make it to London last week, then you missed a great MusicTank event with Nettwerk Music Group’s Co-Founder & CEO Terry McBride.

MusicTank commissioned McBride to write a report describing the “millennial” consumers - those people born after 1982 or so. At the event, Terry was able to debate (and agree) with leading music industry veterans and consumers ranging in age of 15-25.

Nettwerk expects its revenue from digital to tip beyond 70 percent this year. That’s massively more than the 25.5 percent eMarketer forecasts the global music business will make from digital this year.

Either learn to build a new boat or go down with the ship...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daniel Kobialka at home in Asia

Daniel Kobialka enjoys Japan. It mirrors his music. Traditional and modern. Elegant and zen. Two visits this year have produced 2 records. Produced by the master, Marth. Daniel has contributed to Marth's records too. In addition to ample portions of recording, Kobialka has maintained a steady diet of live performenaces and press conferences. Look for his new release Beyond Embracing Dreams in February 2009.