Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Henry Brant - Great American Composer

It is sad to hear of Henry Brant's recent passing. He was a longtime collaborator of Daniel Kobialka and a great American composer.

His accomplishments:
1955 The Prix Italia (he was the first American composer to win)
1982 The American Music Center’s Letter of Distinction: he was described as “a pioneer of spatial and antiphonal music and a continuing influence on succeeding generations.”
2002 Pulitzer Prize in Music for Ice Field
Two Guggenheim Fellowships
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Industry Rule #4080

I used to work for a label, Real Music. You might confuse the name for something larger or something cooler. Disappointing - like meeting a celebrity for the first time. This label was a mere blip on the radar of notoriety and just a small 3 inches of purchased shelf space at your local Barnes&Noble. I walked away last year knowing the label was not going to survive to see success again.

Its karma is finally reaping the evil it has sowed. For years, musicians have been exploited for their works and treated like enemies, leaving a very small selection to promote. Those signing new deals, get coerced into 4,5,6 albums, and might as well be signing their death certificate. To add humor to this horror, the owner is losing his hearing but still decides what music to release!

So now I have one goal: help artists make a business out of their music while owning their art forever. Jump on board, it doesn't cost a thing.